The Screamers Chronology And History.
Hello. Here is a work in progress: a complete picture of the Screamers in action. Additions and corrections are not only encouraged, but Required!
The kernal of this chronology came from the feature "A Better World Begins With You" from Slash Magazine #10 1/2 (The free issue). Original wording has been changed and corrections made.
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Spring: Screamers form. Tomata Du Plenty, vocals, and Tommy Gear (formerly Melba Toast), ARP Odyssey, recruit David Braun, Fender Rhodes electric piano, and KK Barrett, drums.

March 77: The Damned fly to LA with no gig and little money. They are put up by Tomata and Gear. Dave Vanium told Caroline Coon (4-24-77): "Rodney Bigenheimer and two great guys called Tomata and Gear, put us up in their home. They've got Sid Vicious hair and the glasses and everything, and they were so easy to be with. It was like living in your own home. ", 1988: The New Wave Punk Rock Explosion

May 77: The first issue of Slash Magazine comes out, featuring pictures of the Screamers. Read article

5-28-77: On Tomata Du Plenty's 29th birthday, the Screamers debut in a Slash storefront party on Pico Boulevard in Hollywood.
Reviews: "Standing in the midst of the frenzied crowd it dawned on me that the Screamers had tremendous potential and truly epitomized everything associated with punk rock."-Bob Taylor, Hollywood Press.
Pictures: By Slash Magazine:
From June 77 issue:


77: An interview, conducted before the Screamers' first show, is published in issue two of Slash Magazine.

(canceled) Whisky in LA.
Lineup: Germs, Zippers, Screamers.
Reviews: "The Screamers, who so far have garnered more points on image than on music, had to cancel the Whiskey due to illness.", New York Rocker #8, 7-77.

July 77:
An article about the Screamers' first show appears in Twisted Magazine. The Screamers fan club, managed by Herb Wrede (w/ Brian Tristan and Diane Grove), releases its first newsletter.

7-4-77: Starwood, LA. Club de
but of the Screamers.
Lineup: Screamers, Shock, Backstage Pass.
"Crazed fan Cheri The Parakeet (or was it Penguin?), attacked Tomata, trying to puncture him with her stiletto spiked heel. When asked to what she attributed this spontaneous act of rage, Cheri calmly responded, "It's the music that made me do it."" - Brian Tristan, Screamers Fanclub Newsletter #1
"'Ziggy Stardust came out 5 years ago, and now it's SHIT! In five years, punk will be SHIT!' screams Tomato before the skull-crushing 'Peer Pressure.' Punks with a sense of history. Will these marvel-filled days never end? Will I ever sleep again?" - Kickboy Face, Slash Vol.1, #3. Read entire review.
"Tomata sings the first song without the aid of a mike, he uses a bullhorn instead - - PERFECT", Peter Urban, New Dezezes, 1977. Read the entire review.

"The Starwood closed itself off to local bands after the Screamers abused the American flag at a 4th of July gig. This managed to disturb the Starwood owner's sense of patriotism." - Belsito, Davis, Hardcore California, Last Gasp, 1983.
Photos: (From Slash Vol. 1 #3):

(Others from):
Screamers Fanclub Newsletter #1

7-7-77: First Demo tape made. Produced by Pat Garrett, and recorded on a TEAC 2340 4-Track, the Screamers recorded: "Punish or Be Damned," "Anything," "Peer Pressure," "Magazine Love," and "Matar Dolores."
Recordings: This tape was played by Rodney Bigenheimer on KROQ. This recording was the source of 77 Demos Vol. 1 7" (Punish, Anything, Matar Dolores) and a portion of SDCC '78 Demos (Punish, Peer Pressure, Magazine Love). Complete tapes survive.

7-28/29-77: Mabuhay Gardens, SF. First trip to San Francisco and first headline gig.
Lineup: Screamers, Avengers(?), ???
"Screamers had the audience up and dancing... they far surpass the better-known new wavers (in L.A.) in terms of originality and ability to communicate their art."-Jack Basher, S.F. Progress.
Photos: James Stark photographed this show. Check out his book, "Punk 77."

August 77: On the occasion of their first trip to San Francisco, the Screamers' Tomata Du Plenty makes the cover of Search and Destroy #2. Inside, there is a thumbnail picture and small interview called "Screamers on Media.": Tomata: "Twiggy is definitely on a pedestal. It's kind of a twisted fixation I have." Photos by Richard Peterson.

First Slash benefit at Larchmont Hall in Hollywood.
Lineup: The Screamers, Dils and the Germs.

The Screamer perform for Iggy Pop at a private party at his home in Malibu. Iggy calls them "Tomorrow's Leaders."

8-8/11-77: The Whisky, LA.
Setlist: [....] I'm Going Steady With Twiggy

Slash benefit at Larchmont Hall in Hollywood. This was the second such benefit at this hall. David Braun's last show on electric piano.
Lineup: The Screamers, Dils and the Germs.
Reviews: "The audience doesn't know exactly what to do. Fighting doesn't seem quite appropriate. You can't really pogo to it. Some just kind of stand there, locked in, as if watching TV; with one important difference. They're interested." -Greg Burk, Synapse Magazine, 11/12-77. Read the entire review.

Summer/Fall 77: David Braun leaves the Screamers to help found Dangerhouse Records. Jeff McGregor, 17, is hired as a temporary keyboardist.

12-16/17-77: A benefit at the Masque Club in Hollywood. Jeff McGregor's first show. Songs introduced: "Violent World" and "I Wanna Hurt."
Lineup: The lineup for the 16th is the Screamers, The Weirdos and The Skulls. The lineup for the 17th is The Screamers, Weirdos, Deadbeats, Bags and the Plugz.
Setlist: (12-16-77) Better World, Punish or Be Damned, Vertigo (Let's Go), I Wanna Hurt, Magazine Love, Violent World, Peer Pressure, I'm Going Steady With Twiggy
"The stage is swamped with bodies. A chicken-wire 'fence' goes up as part of the psychodrama... Coming closer, paying attention, the crowd crawls into (Tomata's) hand. Eight songs, the set is over. Strong, hard, quick." - Susanne, de Lotbineire-Harwood, Montreal Star.
"After a drunken brawl in the alley I thought I was gonna puke, but it was time for the SCREAMERS. oh-hoh--let me tell you - NEVER IN MY LIFE, NEVER .... Screamers are a fantasy from the darkest depths of the mind. " - Pleasant Geham, Lobotomy Magazine #2, ca. Jan 1978. Read review.
Recordings: There are two recordings of the first night of this show known to exist. The first is an audio recording, which is complete with the exception of "Violent World" and a few seconds of "Twiggy". Songs 2,3,5 and 7 of this recording ended up on the "Masque Dec 78" EP.
The second is a film (18 minutes, black and white), recorded by a UCLA student for inclusion on the documentary "Never mind the Sex Pistols--here's the Bollocks." "I'm Going Steady With Twiggy" ended up on the film, while it and the rest of the footage ended up on a bootleg tape called "Live 77-79".

12-18/19-77: Mabuhay Gardens, SF.
Lineup: Screamers, Deadbeats, Avengers(?)

(Cancelled) Masque in LA
Lineup: Screamers, Eyes, Flesheaters.

December 77:
The Screamers are interviewed by Vale for Search & Destroy #5.
Song list: Better World, Punish or Be Damned, Magazine Love, G.O. Guy, Violent World, Peer Pressure, Going Steady With Twiggy, Don't Pay The Whore, I Wanna Hurt, Matar Dolores, Eva Braun, Anything and Sex Machine (which was a hoax).

Screamers demo tape played on KSAN radio.