Pleasant Geham

what were the other bands? I was on the floor with everyone else in a depraved mess. Didn't even recognize the WEIRDOS when they came on... they did mostly new songs, real good, the audience was wild & crazed, as usual. After a drunken brawl in the alley I thought I was gonna puke, but it was time for the SCREAMERS. oh-hoh--let me tell you - NEVER IN NIY LIFE, NEVER .... Screamers are a fantasy from the darkest depths of the mind. Tomata acting like an elevater during PUNISH OR BE DAMNED,...dear, demented uncle Tomata, the family eccentric, just released from 15 years down in the basement. TOMMY GEAR locks girls up in chains & leaves them hanging from the ceiling upside down, then comes in & beats the bloody fucking hell outta them... you can just tell. If he was chasing me in a love-comic, I'd say, "YOU ANIMAL.", then I'd surrender. KK bashes around better than Hellen Keller stuck in spiderwebs, & JEFF fits right in, looking faintly corpse-like, and suavely shifty-eyed.VERTIGO, MAGAZINE LOVE, VIOLENT WORLD... isn't it about time the rest of the world knew???
the next day it rained&
rained &
rained & ...