Trouser Press #28, May 1978

America Underground (excerpt)

by Karlo Ferdinand and Jim Green
The Screamers: The idea here, I guess, is to reduce the intrinsic elements of R'n'R down to nothingness, then start over and wind up with some kinda avant-gardness or, geesh, I give up. If any of you TPers are hip of the Fifty Foot Hose or primal Lather and the Hand People you might form a crude foundation of what it's all about. The leaders here are Tomata and Gear, two self-styled spineheads originally from NY, then known as the Tupperwares(changed 'cos of legal problems). If I remember correctly(last time I saw 'em was a while ago), sound eminates from a toy-looking keyboard, a cardboard-looking drum kit, and the vokes of Tomata. Half of the time affiars are amusing, inspired, neat just 'cos of the differentness, but the worn-out seig heil marches and related Nazi tantrums transcend the stoopid to the stupid. There's a difference.