The Screamers Chronology And History.
Hello. Here is a work in progress: a complete picture of the Screamers in action. Additions and corrections are not only encouraged, but Required!
The kernal of this chronology came from the feature "A Better World Begins With You" from Slash Magazine #10 1/2 (The free issue). Original wording has been changed and corrections made.
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1-29-86: Four Star Theater, LA. "Population:1" premeires.
Previews: "Over the next couple of years, half the hipsters in LA passed through the studio's green doers to lay down tracks on the 24-track tape machine, or to add atmosphere to ongoing filmings.
" Hubert Mensch, LA Weekly(?), January 1986. Read entire preview.
"Superficially the story of the last living survivor (Tomata du Plenty) of the great nuclear whatever, who's trapped in an underground bunker, it's actually a multilayered history of art, video, music and America's long lasting love affair with destruction. It's frenetic and ambitious as hell, full of erotic dream sequences, Magritte abstractions galore, multiple visual overlays and surreal musical numbers that are an eclectic combination of classical, old-fashioned jazz, modern punk and standard rock & roll.
" Michael Dare, LA Weekly, January 24-30, 1986. Read entire review.

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