The Tupperwares


1975: The Tupperwares form. Tomata Du Plenty, Melba Toast and Rio De Janeiro.


1-1-76: Moore Theater, Seattle. The first Tupperwares show was a short concert at the Moore Theater in Seattle. The event was the premiere of the John Waters movie, "Pink Flamingos," and the theater wanted to have some sort of musical event to open the night. The Tupperwares, Tomata du Plenty, Rio de Janeiro and Melba Toast, each on vocals, were backed by the Telepaths. Each Tupperware sang one song on lead, with Tomata doing "I'm Going Steady With Twiggy" and (cowritten by Erich Werner and Bill Rieflin of the Telepaths) Rio doing "Eva Braun." A third song, "Instamatic Fanatic," with Melba on lead, was pulled at the last minute.
Lineup: Tupperwares and the Telepaths.
Pictures: Courtesy of Michael Campbell:

4-18-76: The Polish Hall, Seattle. The T-T-Oh! Show, cancelled.
Lineup: Telepaths, Tupperwares, Oh! Henry

5-1-76: Odd Fellows Temple, Seattle. The TMT Show. The Tupperwares were comprised of Tomata du Plenty, Rio de Janeiro and Melba Toast on vocals, and a backing band consisting of Pam Lillig, Eldon Hoke and Ben Rabinowitz.
Lineup: The Tupperwares, Meyce, Telepaths.
I'm Going Steady With Twiggy, Eva Braun, Instamatic Fanatic (possibly other songs)
Reviews: "Admission to the TMT Show was one dollar (yes, $1), about a hundred people showed up, the groups paid for the room and made their nut. This show (please correct me if I'm wrong) was the first self-promoted show in town. The bands rented the hall, got a P.A. and DID IT. It was as much fun or more than many of the shows now." - Neil Hubbard, Rescue Magazine, 5-81
Recordings: A tape exists.

9-76: Melba Toast's Chatterbox Chitchat, plus The Tupperwares shop at Dreamland in the pages of Chatterbox #4: