Tomata du Plenty in New York


8-18-74: CBGBs, NY.
Lineup: The Slaves of Rhythm, Snake
Reviews: "Act is a novelty for this Bowery bistro, where rock and other music generally holds forth. For this reason, it fascinates many auditors. But the yocks don't keep coming. Much of the sketch is a drag in more ways than one." Kirb, Variety Magazine, 9-74. Read entire review.

9-27/29-74: CBGBs, NY
Lineup: Rose, Plenty

10-31-74: CBGBs, NY
Lineup: Savage Voodoo Nuns, Blondie, Ramones
Kate Parker as B.M. ("short for the Blessed Mother") and an assortment of glitter guys and gals (Fayetta, John Flowers, Arturo, John Hayes, Montana and Tomato du Plenty) as some outrageous nuns, mother superiors, 'ho's and god knows what else. Funniest scene is where a "747 to heaven" is hijacked to hell by Fayetta as Lady Satan.
    The songs are take-offs of pop standards ("Black is black/I want my habit back") and the jokes cornily appealing ("She's fallen off more laps than' a cocktail napkin"). And there's even a douche race, with contestants opting for Coke, vinegar and the real thing (I guess).", R.B., Soho News, 11-74. Read entire review (also talks about Ramones).

The Tupperwares: 1975-1976