Gossip and Fragments:

Labotomy Magazine #1, ca Nov/Dec 1977
X-Ray Vision / Dirty Dishes {From Hollywood}
"...K.K. is acting like a Tramp..."
"Brian Tristam lives in the Screamer's closet"
-Pleasant Geham

Generation X #5, ca Jan 1978
Gossip + Nonsense:
"Is Tommy Gear the new Jayne Mansfield?"
"The Canterberry Apartments is the punk place to live. Scene makers Plungers, Rod, Micheal, K.K., Connie, Karen, et. al., now make their homes at the spacious complex."
"Is K.K. really a Reverand in the Universal Life Church? Maybe he's just "Baptist-damaged"."
"John Doe and K.K. did the waltz at a recent party. K.K. lead."

Labotomy Magazine #2, ca Jan 1978
X-Ray Vision / Dirty Dishes {From Hollywood}:
"Lisa C. got in a rowdy fight when The Screamers played the Masque - Joan Jett jumped in, and Mell-Alaikia "Spin-Out", ever-present at Miss Jett's side, saved the day."
"K.K. is moonlighting as one of Santa's elves."
"Caught with the dust in their mouthes: Trudie, Hellin Killer, Joel, K.K. and Trixie"
"Jeff McGregor is Screaming loudly"

Labotomy X-Mas List:
"The Screamers: A permanent piano-player."
"K.K and Natasha: Red lights for their windows"
"Tomata: A Ouji board, so he can communicate w/ The Ghost"
"Geza: Air-Freshener"
"Weirdos, Dickies, Germs, Screamers: Signing to a big label"

New Years Awards for 1978:
"Swell Guy of the year.........Tomata Du Plenty"
"Tramp of the year...............K.K."
"Comeback of the year........The Screamers"

-Pleasant Geham

Labotomy Magazine #3, ca Feb/Mar 1978
X-Ray Vision / Dirty Dishes {From Hollywood}:
"Tomata Du Plenty has Fear and Loathing of Shirley Booth"
"David Braun changed his name to Miss Tracy, and Black Randy changed his to Miss Sabrina, and they were seen poking around Polk St. w/ Stan Lee and Billy Club"
"the Screamers: Potato, Queer and Ca-Ca"
"Tomata Du Plenty had to be rescured, by a bunch of drunks, from the roof of his house after his party"

Valentines Day Dream Dates:
"K.K.: My dreamgirl is: The Common Slut, my dream-date would be to site w/ her on a hollywood blvd. bus-bench for hours."
"Gorilla Rose: My dream-date is w/ Fame, and I want to go all the way to the top."
"Tomata Du Plenty: I'd go to Injun Joe's Cave w/ Pamela Sue Martin ..."
"Tommy Gear: My dream-date is Maria Von Trapp."

-Pleasant Geham

Flipside Magazine #18, May 1980
"Nooze" column:
"Tomato du Nothing Lately and Penelope are finally making that "Video Disk" that Blondie beat them to." (It also mentions that the Deadbeats reform, incorporating Paul and Kira Roessler.)

Slash Magazine Vol.3 No.3
"...All unanswered, except for Where Are The Screamers? Last report is...KK'S a carpenter, Tommy hands out at Hollywood branch library, Tomata goes to parties, usually. Paul is the busiest "session" player in town, having recently moonlighted (most conspicuously) with the Mommy Men, Dead Kennedys, Nervous Gender, Silver Chalice and is rehearsing until Tommy decides if the band will play again in the next two years."