Variety Magazine,
September 1974

Sketch, Comedy
25 Mins.
C.B.G.B. & Omfug, N.Y.

   The Slaves of Rhythm, three guy's and a gal, have developed a sketch identified as a ''Hollywood Expose," a standup comedy montage. Act is a novelty for this Bowery bistro, where rock and other music generally holds forth. For this reason, it fascinates many auditors. But the yocks don't keep coming. Much of the sketch is a drag in more ways than one.
   Presentation has two plots, each presented by two of the Slaves of Rhythm. In monologues, Fayette, the only femme in the unit, and John Flowers, portraying a stunt girl and an Esther Williams understudy respectively, tell of their resentments against films. Destruction of Hollywood is their goal. Fayette and Flowers previously were with The Coquettes, a Coast drag troupe. Their segs are dramatic with the comedy their main victim.
   There's more fun in the other plot as Gorilla Rose (his stage handle) plays Zee, a Germanic film director, and Tomata di Plenty is the Nobody who becomes Somebody, a starlet without talent. A role switch is one of the top bits as Nobody reads directions to Zee, whose expressions show how it should be done. Their segs have the more explicit language of of the overall sketch, whose ending leaves things up in the air. Performances are ser- viceable with the excesses of Gorilla Rose and Tomata di Plenty working better, But, there are too many lags. These four also will present other sketches, which, hopefully, will move better. - Kirb.