Generation X #5

The Masque Benefit:
A victory for The Screamers

Friday night,. at the Elks Lodge, there was only one bright spot in the whole miserable evening, the Screamers. Although I've seen the Screamers several times, I've never seen them like this. They came on like gang-busters, with lead singer Tomata, racing from one side of the stage to the other, and Tommy Gear, his platinum haired co-worker playing the keyboards and spurting out the refrain "I'm going steady with Triggy". K.K. pounded out the beat as the pleasant new addition, Jeff, defied the audience as he played his piano. I've seen few performances that reached this kind of perfection. The hippie portion of the crowd seemed to be amazed, they just kept saying "wow they are sooo weird". Somebody said they filmed the Screamers for Japanese television; if they showed the Screamers in Japan, they would be Instant idols. The Screamers have made some wise changes tn their act, such as eliminating "Gloomy Sunday".