Basic Black Magazine #1

Masque Benefit
Feburary 24, 25
Elks Building

   The Masque theater was closed down in January because it didn't have some moronic thing like fire exits. The 'Masques Man', Brendon Mullen, gathered together 20 L.A. bands to play a benafit that would help save the Masque.
   The benefit took place at the Elks Building, usually a place where fat old people play bingo and have weddings. Brendon spoke about places like the Elks Club, "The 1980's will assimilate the 1920's... all these beautiful clubs will open up to life again."
   There was a good crowd except for the usual rowdy assholes that come and fuck everything up. Brendon said, "1% of the people here should be locked up, the other 99% are beautiful. it's the 1% that could close down clubs like this, and they should put a dick up their end-piece." Brendon is from England.
   The first night of the benefit began with two short, average sets from the Flesheaters and the Controllers. The Zeros came on and the night started to pick up. Led by lead singer Hector Penalose, the Zeros gave one of the nights best performances. It was the perfect tine for the Screamers to come on. The poor lighting took away from Tomato's exciting stage presence, but the Screamer's set was, as always, great. The Bags turned in their usual strong performance, but the Screamers are a hard act to follow. Alice Douche Bag is great. The show began to die when the very wasted Germs came on. Lead singer Darbv Crash cut his body, jumped off the stage on to people's heads, (Strong Tggy tendencies) but could not manage to end songs at the same time as the rest of the band. Lastly, the Skulls care on.
   Saturday night was much of the same with the best set coming from Black Randy and the Metro Squad. During the Dickies enthusiastic set, more people were pogoing than at any other time during the benefit. Pogoing was also intense during the Weirdos exciting set. Energetic Performances were turned in by lead singers Rick L. Rick of F-Word, and Paul Bearer of Shock. Skull, X, and Eye all provided forceful sets.
    We are told that the benefit was a success and they're even thinking of making an album of it. Besides saving the Masque, this benefit proved that the L.A. punk bands as well as the entire L.A. punk scene is individual, dedicated and alive. God save the Masque and Brendon Mullen.